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McMinnville, OR


Couples Counseling in McMinnville, OR

Maintaining a long-term relationship can be difficult for even the closest couples, but McMinnville, OR, couples counseling may provide you with the resources that you need to reclaim the trust and happiness you once shared. If you're ready to try relationship therapy with a staff that's dedicated to your satisfaction, call on the team at Merkle Counseling Associates.

Our team understands that you may be nervous about attending therapy, so we work hard to create a relaxing, comfortable environment in our office. We also provide services during convenient office hours, and our team strives to respond rapidly to your needs. We design an individualized therapy plan for each couple, but yours may include:

  • An examination of serious and minor relationship issues
  • A unique exercises to build trust between the two of you
  • The development of skills to improve your ability to communicate with your partner

Whether you're facing significant relationship problems or you simply find yourselves arguing frequently, you may benefit from McMinnville, OR, couples counseling. When you're ready to schedule your initial consultation, contact the staff at Merkle Counseling Associates.