Momemtum Commitment And Action For Life's Challenges and Relationships

McMinnville, OR


About Merkle Counseling Associates

Congratulations on taking this action step to resolve a challenge in your life, be it a situation or a relationship, or distressing emotions at home or at work. Resolve, healing, and change is about “doing it” different than how you have known “up until now”. Behaviors are an attempt to get one’s needs met based on results of behaviors that work or not. I will coach you in discovering ways to communicate, solve problems, and respond in a way that will serve you better to create the life you want. By applying complementary therapy approaches, I can assist you in examining the “pieces” that no longer work such as old habits, defeating self-talk, false beliefs, limited perceptions, thinking errors, distressing emotions, inhibited responses, or over reactions. Key “missing pieces” become recognizable and obstacles become more apparent. Together, we will explore options to choose that which will align you with your best self. Although past events and situations cannot be undone, the pain experience of it can be changed. Using cutting edge therapy techniques, I can help you release and repair the “pieces” in a way that is grounding and more comfortable. Utilizing your strengths as the “corner pieces” to build from, I can guide you through challenges or a new direction. I will support you in creating what you want in life, in achieving your goals, now!

We provide a discrete, highly personalized approach of service that is tailored to each person’s goal for change.